Roundup weed killer has been the subject of nearly 20,000 lawsuits over the last 10 years. The active ingredient in the Monsanto-made product causes non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and a host of other deadly cancers for those who are exposed to the dangerous product.

Moreover, courts are making sure that those who are responsible pay for the damages caused. Most recently, a judge awarded $2 billion in damages to a couple in California. An award that high is usually meant to send a clear message to the manufacturer of a dangerous product about falsifying its studies and endangering the public.

If you have received a cancer diagnosis related to exposure of Roundup, speaking with a Roundup product liability attorney can help ease the burden you carry every day. Here are a few points to consider regarding your eligibility of filing a lawsuit:

Monsanto's Role in Cancer-Related Roundup Cases

A study published in 2015 stated that glyphosate is likely causes cancer in humans. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup. A lawsuit between Monsanto and the study's publisher ensued over the findings. Ultimately, the courts found that Monsanto played a role in falsifying the data to support Roundup's commercial viability.

Who can Receive Compensation for Cancer Caused by Exposure to Roundup?

Claims against Monsanto are increasing in numbers by individuals exposed to Roundup. As of July 2019, there have been 18,400 lawsuits filed in connection with the use of the product.

You might have a product liability lawsuit against Monsanto if you received a cancer diagnosis after using the weed killer. Family members of deceased claimants may also file a case on behalf of the estate.

If you strongly suspect that your cancer diagnosis relates to the use of Roundup, speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Every state has specific laws related to time limits regarding product liability lawsuits. Do not miss your chance to receive the compensation you deserve for the harm you have suffered.

How to Prove Roundup Caused Your Cancer

First, you will want to prove that you have received a cancer diagnosis from a qualified medical provider. Your case hinges upon concrete proof. Monsanto's attorneys will request your medical records to confirm every allegation in your complaint against the company.

Second, you want to demonstrate that you used the product. The most common way to prove this aspect of your case is by submitting receipts and other verifiable means that you purchased Roundup.

Finally, providing a judge and jury with evidence of product use is tantamount to the efficacy of your case. Roundup victims provide photos, testimony, and other information that can be used to prove that Roundup was used over a period of time, which caused the eventual cancer diagnosis.

Consider Speaking with a Roundup Product Liability Attorney

Finding the right Roundup cancer lawyer is critical to your satisfaction with the outcome of your case. Your search should include criteria that include trustworthiness, service, and empathy. The right law firm is always in your corner and ready to fight for you at every turn.

If you have received a cancer diagnosis related to exposure of Roundup, speaking with a Roundup product liability attorney can provide crucial details and insight regarding your claim against Monsanto.