JUUL is a vaping company that sells electronic cigarettes and JUULpods containing nicotine. Many plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits against JUUL allege that they did not receive an adequate warning from JUUL about the dangers of using JUULpods. In product liability lawsuits, defendants are liable for injuries caused by their products when they failed to warn their customers of the dangers.

E-cigarette users who suffer lung injuries caused by vaping may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. There are several theories of liability under which plaintiffs can bring lawsuits, to include violation of RICO laws, fraud, strict product liability for failure to warn of JUUL’s dangerous propensity and selling products with a design defect.

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Class Action Lawsuits Against JUUL

The Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education reports that several class-action lawsuits have been filed against JUUL. The lawsuits allege several different causes of action in tort law. The lawsuit alleges that JUUL designed their e-cigarettes to replicate the feel of typical nicotine e-cigarettes. JUUL alleges that it intends to help adults stop smoking by giving them an alternative to e-cigarettes.

Has JUUL Engaged in Fraud?

A recent class-action lawsuit alleges that JUUL and Altria, another e-cigarette company fraudulently advertised their products as less addictive nicotine products that typical cigarettes. The lawsuit further alleges that JUUL failed to disclose the extremely addictive nature of its nicotine salts and the fact that JUUL designed its products to create and sustain nicotine additions among its customers.

Did JUUL Fail to Warn Customers of Dangers?

Upon visiting JUUL’s website, one notices a pop-up stating JUUL’s mission. The pop up asks users to enter the state in which their located. Users must also verify that they are age 21 or older and agree to be age verified. 

The warning box states that Juul’s mission is to eliminate traditional combustible cigarettes. The company states that its products are “for adult smokers who want to switch from combustible cigarettes.” It goes on to state that only those age 21 and older can purchase products at JUUL.com. What is more, the top of the website features a large warning sign stating “this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.” If you frequently smoke JUULpods, file a claim now.

Despite these warnings, many plaintiffs still allege that JUUL has failed to warn customers of the heightened risk of nicotine exposure. Several of JUUL’s social media posts appear to target minors by using youth-friendly colors and flavors. The lawsuits allege that JUUL deliberately designed its product to attract young, non-smokers while failing to warn them of JUUL’s dangerous propensities.

Do JUULpods Constitute a Design Defect Under Product Liability Law?

Plaintiffs can sue defendants for injuries caused by products with design defects. When a court determines that a defendant’s product has a design defect, the defendant will be strictly liable for all injuries caused by their product.